3 key words for the Day

Change * Traditional * Non-Traditional

Video: Extra HeadRoom 1time.co.za Commercial

Video: Do you know?

Video: Student/Learner 1.0: "The Housewarming"

Video: Student/Learner 3.0: "The Teacher"

Video: 20th Century & 21st Century Teachers

Hands-on (Part 1): Dealing with Environmental Issue

Team 1: Go Green
with Wai Lee, Hin Chew, Johari, Kim Hong, Kwai Yin & Melissa
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Technology used: Tweeter, Blog (posting & comments), Video (Youtube)
Team 2: SSTemptations
with Ching Ya, Richard, Jennifer, Irfan, Aidil
Technology used:
Team 3:
with Glenn, Eunice & Kin Chuah
Technology used:

In Action... Day 1...